Gifts For Me & You, GFMY or our Happy Place ...

These are just some of the things we call our gorgeous little shop. Little did we think when we started a Facebook page 3 years ago we would grow to a thriving busy shop. The go to place for unusual gifts, a cuppa and a smile.

The vision of being more Than Just a shop is vast becoming a reality as not only do we live our own dream making and selling our slogan hoodies, we have given 50 small businesses the opportunity to live theirs to.

Our happy place is now a hive of activity and Team of creativity, bursting with personality and selling the most beautiful handmade gifts, keepsakes and personalised goodies that people instantly fall in love with.

We pride ourselves on our service and giving our customers (who we would prefer to call our shopping friends) the best shopping experience EVER.

Not only can you buy our gorgeous gifts you can learn to make them too as we open our doors to teach you our skills. We are so excited you are joining us on our next adventure either as one of our team or as a shopping friend (customer) as we take local online.

Welcome to Gifts For Me & You More Than Just A Shop Love Ale, Nikki & Steph X