Frequently Asked Questions

How many products can I have on the website?

We would recommend you start with a minimum of 5-10 products to see how you get on with the timescale of the orders as most products are handmade.

How much will it cost to become a stockist?

To become a stockist you will have to pay a fee of £150 every year. Other fees may apply if you want more attention such as advertisements and features on the home page.

Is there any commission taken?

GFMY will take 10% commission from each order you get.

Do I need my own product photography?

Yes we recommend you take your own product photography to keep your brand image relatable to you. We have specifics you will need for your photography such as the size they need to be. However if you need any help with this please ask and we can arrange a photography workshop for you.

Do I post my own orders?

Yes once orders are given to you, you then have to arrange the postage yourselves. Customers will have the option to pick up from store so if you are local you can bring them to the shop or post them here and we can hand them over to the customers. We will have certain requirements on packaging which we will discuss with you when you sign up.

How do I get notifications of my orders?

Once an order comes through we will email it over to you straight away as an order form with all the details you need for that order and delivery details.

How do I get paid?

The money from your orders will be given to you at the end of each month (if there is a certain way you would like the money transferred please let us know).

How am I displayed on the website?

Your products will be displayed in different categories. You will have your own stockist page giving customer the chance to search under your name as well as your products being in other sections for example: gifts for her, gifts for him etc.

Do I get links to my social media?

You can have links to your social media pages displayed on your stockist page if you would like.